Be Part of Something Exciting!: Join the Pynch Kitchen Early Bird Program

Be Part of Something Exciting!: Join the Pynch Kitchen Early Bird Program

You might be asking yourself, what is Pynch Kitchen all about? There’s no product for sale yet, just some vague descriptions of an invention that eliminates the need for measuring spoons. The only action you can take right now is signing up for an “early bird program.”

So, what the heck is an early bird program? Let me explain.

The Short Answer:
The early bird program is a way for you, an interested person (which I assume you are if you’re reading this), to get exclusive and early access to pre-production prototypes. By joining, you can help me design the best possible product by providing early feedback on what matters most to a diverse set of people. If this is enough for you and your interested, sign up here

The Longer Version:
Ever wondered how great companies build amazing products? When inventing something new, like the iPhone, or adding features to existing products, like searching inside images on Google, the teams behind these ideas have the best intentions. But there’s one crucial rule: unless you’re making the product for yourself, you aren’t the user.

People use things differently, have unique preferences, and varying priorities. While you might think it’s critical for a product to have a certain feature, someone else might not care about it at all. That’s why it’s vital to have a diverse set of people test the product early, so we can incorporate their feedback and launch something people love. 

The over simplified process looks something like this:

You continue this cycle until you land on a product your users love.

I’ve spent 20 years in the software industry, including 12 years at big companies like Google and Yahoo. In those environments, testing was easy because software can quickly change, and we had billions of users to ask for feedback.

Pynch Kitchen aims to design and build the most useful and beautiful kitchen accessories, starting with how we measure spices. Initially, my only testers were family and friends, but that wasn’t diverse enough. That’s why I created the early bird program. I want people like you, who love being early adopters and the first to see new products, to join the Pynch Kitchen community and help make our products the best kitchen gadgets in the world. Over the next few months, the design process above will be in full steam, and you have a chance to play a key role in making our products a bit more yours and better for everyone.

By joining the early bird program, you’ll be one of the first few to participate in building an exciting new brand that will simplify cooking for everyone. Signup here

Thank you,
Assaf Broitman, Founder of Pynch Kitchen

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