• Measuring spoons are messy!

    "It's annoying having to find them and wash them"


    "I like the accuracy. I don't like the mess"


    "Feels like a waste to have to wash them after just 1 use. And don't always fit into my jars"

  • If they get wet...

    "Using the same spoons for wet and dry ingredients makes a mess. Cleaning and drying spoons between ingredients is annoying. "


    "The need to wash and dry before measuring another ingredient "

  • They don't fit in the jar...

    "I don't mind using them, but sometimes the spoon doesn't fit in the jar (which I prefer to do to reduce spilling). It's just the mess and cleaning. Also, I ended up buying flat measuring spoons so I could rest the pour if needed. I can't wait to see your invention to make measuring spices more enjoyable (and hopefully cleaner? :)"

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