Our Story


I’m Assaf Broitman, the founder of Pynch Kitchen. Married and a father to two wonderful children, my family is my world, and one of my greatest joys is cooking for them. Despite being a casual cook with no formal culinary training, I relish the challenge of preparing meals a few times a week and experimenting with new recipes. I love being precise when I make something for the first time, especially when it comes to using spices like paprika, garlic powder, and cumin.

However, traditional measuring spoons often turned this joy into frustration. Whether strung together and cumbersome or scattered and missing when needed most, they made cooking less efficient. Not to mention the hassle of washing them after each use, their inability to fit into spice jars without creating a mess, and the struggle of using them with anything moist.

With these challenges nagging at me, an idea began to simmer in my mind—an idea to make cooking simpler and add a beautiful touch to the culinary process.

For over two decades, I worked as a Product Manager in the technology sector, including startups, mid-sized companies, and an eight-year stint at Google Search. However, despite my extensive experience in software, I had little knowledge of building physical products. The thought of venturing into this unknown was daunting, fraught with the fears of time, cost, and the possibility of failure.

Everything changed in March 2024 when I was caught in a round of layoffs at Google. Though initially shocked, I soon found myself invigorated by the prospect of finally bringing my idea to life. This pivotal moment marked the birth of Pynch Kitchen—a brand dedicated to enhancing the cooking experience by making it simpler and more elegant.

I am thrilled to soon share with you the first of many innovations from Pynch Kitchen. Our journey has only just begun, and I am eager to continue developing products that not only solve practical problems but also bring joy and elegance to the everyday act of cooking.

Join us as we redefine simplicity and elegance in the kitchen.

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