Building Our Brand: Social Media

Building Our Brand: Social Media

Hey everyone!

While we wait for our product design updates, we’ve been busy setting up the infrastructure to build our brand on social media. Our goal is to help as many folks as possible cook a little easier with our innovative kitchen gadgets, so we have to reach them somehow.

We’re new to the social media game, and right now, all our posts and reels are simply experiments. We're learning as we go, aiming to get better so that when the time comes to share our product, we can do it professionally. But we’re also having a bit of fun with it! Our posts are meant to be a little funny and to share how passionate we are about cooking and our upcoming invention.

some examples:

We’ve got some exciting content planned, and we’d love for you to join us on this journey. Follow us on Instagram to see behind-the-scenes looks, fun experiments, and updates as we get closer to revealing our secret product. Trust me, even the best measuring spoons won’t be able to compete with our new invention!

And lasly, don't forget to signup to our beta ASAP to get on the waitlist for early access to the prototype.

Stay tuned and happy cooking!

Assaf Broitman
Founder, Pynch Kitchen

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